Crystal Industry Innovation

Introduction Of Garam

GARAM is the best representative company dedicated to meet the needs of information society with innovative technologies for all raw materials, finished
units, automatic equipment and measuring systems on the crystal industry all over the world.
Since 1985, we've started serving for the crystal electronic devices and finished parts with the advanced ideas and reliable products, and providing state-of-the-art technologies and goods with the vision to activate the crystal industry.

Since 1995, we've produced the automatic equipment and measuring systems based on our accumulated experience and know-how so that newly developed systems have been supplied to many customers all over the world and used successfully as of now. We have had a good reputation from customers with our products and machines based on the advanced technologies and reliable service.

From installation and training your staffs to our on-going follow-up service, GARAM team will provide the technical assistance and support for you to be the industry leader. GARAM grows up with its customers and takes a big step forward to becoming the first specialized company in the crystal industry who respects the customers.

Thank you.

Representative Director 대표이사 사인