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Personal Information collection and handling Policy 

Garam Electronics Corp. regards your personal information as very important and complies with “Act on Fosterage of Use of Communications network of Information, etc.”
Garam Electronics Corp. informs you of the way to use your Personal Information and the purpose and the actions to protect your Personal Information.  
1. Purpose and collection of Personal Information
Garam Electronics Corp. collects and uses your information as the confirmation of identification and marketing data to provide the best service on the project you ask us to take on.   
2. Items of Personal Information to be collected
- Company name, person in charge: To use for confirming identification according to the use of request of counseling
- Email address, telephone number: To secure the channel of smooth communication for handling of request of counseling
- Others: To secure the basic information for web consulting
3. Use and possession period of Personal Information 
- User’s Personal information is destroyed without hesitation when the personal information collection and purpose are achieved.
- To just provide smooth service to customers according to inside policy, company name, customer’s name, email, address, telephone number, etc. can be possessed for 3 years.
- It can be possessed for certain period if needed by the provision of Consumer Protection Law or regarded Laws on Commercial Law, Electronic Commerce, etc.
* Record of Consumer’s complaint or Dispute Settlement: 3 years



4. Person in charge of Personal Information Management
Sangil Kim (
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